Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here we are...

No new pictures so I hope this dosn't bore anyone. If you are like me I never read post's I only (mostly)like to look at the pictures.
Well, we have been back to school for about 3 weeks now. I like my classes. I am taking Physics, Geography, Public Speaking, Social Problems, and American Lit. phew, that's alot! I seem to be enjoying so far... We shall see, a couple of my teachers are ver unorganized and it makes for hard test.

Sydney started the 7th grade. WOW! she is 12 and in 12 more years she could be done with college or married or both and have a baby. Talk about blowing my mind! She is a typical 12 year old. She loves school. She does really well at it. She is the kind of person who dosn't have to study to get the good grades (gag!). She is cute and she is not interested (yet) in boys. Good job.

Gage started the 2nd grade. And every morning there is tears and I practically have to push him out the door. This morning I actually had to drag him by both arms out the door. He held onto the door jamb like a cat with both hands and I had to pry his fingers off! I really am at my wits end! He says that his teacher yells, she may, or since he isn't used to loud stuff anything louder than talking normal would be a yell to him. I hate to say anything to the teacher for fear she will take it out on Gage, since we have had retaliation from teachers in the past when I have asked about certain behavoir. Other than that, Gage just says he will miss me too much, this morning he said he gets a tear on the bus for me! That is a bit much, don't you think? Please, does anyone no how to handle this type of situation? I have tried being nice. Taking things away. Pleading and bargaining. When he gets home from school he says that he had a great day. And he does well in school. Go figure?

Thats about all that's going on right now. We are just trying to get by. Forrest and I have found a good routine that pretty much works for us.

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